About The History


Cultivate was born back in 2006, founded in the city of Minneapolis by Justin Brady. Starting as merely a design agency called Test of Time Design, after the company was moved to Des Moines, everything changed.


Cultivate ended up finding it's niche with innovative companies, developing crazy technology or services most warm-blooded humans don't even know exists.


Our team members and partners started to notice cutting edge companies needed help beyond traditional marketing because the go-to solutions focused on previous success or available market research data, moving on to massive campaigns and huge advertising buys. It worked for simple products, like that new flavor of cereal, but innovative companies simply didn't benefit from that strategy.


Success came from collaborating with various in-house teams from the very early stages of new ideas, guiding client leadership to form marketing strategies that were just as innovative as they were. Our research and work with thought-leaders put us in the perfect position to collaborate on effective marketing suited for companies that are unusual, creative and maybe a little weird.


Today, Cultivate calls Des Moines' East Village home, working in the Historic Teachout Building. Our unique understanding of how creativity is truly cultivated has been published by Justin in this The Wall Street Journal article. Have a read!

Special Thanks to Ryan McGuire for his awesome photo work.